Greenopia creates eco-communities by connecting individuals and businesses through healthy living

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To make sustainable living fun, easy and accessible to all


To be the trusted source of knowledge and build an eco-community platform where eco-preneurs, trailblazers, local heroes and others can share their stories to inform and inspire people to live a green hearted lifestyle


Greenopia is a leader for all-inclusive place to learn and create social and environmental change at global scale

The Greenopia Solution

Greenopia uses a proven scoring system to rate local businesses in terms of their environmental and social performance.

Our database of businesses is founded on 4 principles:

Providing Healthy Eco-friendly product & service offerings to customers

Sustainable business operations focused on energy efficiency, recycling, composting, eco-friendly to-go packaging

Equitable employment practices supporting fair wages, BIPOC, and LGBTQIA+ inclusion

Give back to the community through local partnerships & programs

Greenopia is the new “go-to” sustainable living platform that helps solve climate change with healthy daily living choices by bringing together sustainable businesses and eco-conscious consumers.

Benefits for the User

There is no other sustainable living, city-focus, multimedia platform.

  • Greenopia adds greater transparency with information through its platform
  • On-line City Guide download from e-book store
  • Greenopia e-gift card option
  • Concierge and advisory platform
  • Local carbon offsetting
  • Promote peer-to-peer recommendations so you can create your own eco-community
  • Sustainable Ambassadors Program
  • Citizen Farmer Program
  • And so many other cool things coming soon.  Keep watching

Greenopia’s Approach:
create Eco-Communities