Greenopia creates eco-communities by connecting individuals and businesses through healthy living

One City, One Community, One Farmer, One User at a time


To make sustainable living fun, easy and accessible to all


To be the trusted source of knowledge and build an eco-community platform where eco-preneurs, trailblazers, local heroes and others can share their stories to inform and inspire people to live a green hearted lifestyle


Greenopia is a for profit business; the leader all-inclusive place to learn and create social and environmental change at global scale

The Greenopia Solution

Greenopia uses a proven scoring system to rate local businesses in terms of their environmental and social performance.

Our database of businesses is founded on 4 principles:

Providing Healthy Eco-friendly product & service offerings to customers

Sustainable business operations focused on energy efficiency, recycling, composting, eco-friendly to-go packaging

Equitable employment practices supporting fair wages, BIPOC, and LGBTQIA+ inclusion

Give back to the community through local partnerships & programs

Greenopia is the new “go-to” sustainable living app that helps solve climate change with healthy daily living choices by bringing together sustainable businesses and eco-conscious consumers.

Benefits for the User

There is no other sustainable living, city-focus, multimedia platform.

  • Greenopia adds greater transparency with information through its App
  • On-line City Guide download from e-book store
  • Greenopia e-gift card option
  • Concierge and advisory platform
  • Local carbon offsetting
  • Promote peer-to-peer recommendations so you can create your own eco-community
  • Sustainable Ambassadors Programme
  • Citizen Farmer Programme
  • And so many other cool things coming soon.  Keep watching

City by City

Greenopia rolls out its pilot project in Atlanta, major green cities in the US will follow.

greenopia atlanta launch


First City: Atlanta
No. SMW in Atlanta: 100,000
Launching with Earth Day, April 2024

fighting climate change togetherSubsequent Cities:
LA SME: 240,000
San Francisco SME: 150,000
NY SME: 220,000
Chicago SMW: 100,000
Seattle SME: 100,000

Washington DC SME: 79,000
And so much more

Atlanta is one of the nations fastest growing Green economies and we are excited to tell the story to the rest of the world.